Science and Monitoring


Community science brings the expertise of the public and scientists together in a reciprocal relationship for more widespread understanding of the natural world. These community-driven investigations engage the public in hands-on educational experiences and contribute large bodies of information to the benefit of conservation science.

We welcome experienced biologists, students, and all those interested to observe nature up-close. Join us for a survey: bird, butterfly, and plant phenology walks, water health, photo point monitoring, soil sampling and more. Stay engaged and see the latest species observation on the free community-science platforms:


Botanical monitoring

We aim to decrease invasive plant populations over time, and increase the diversity of native plants. Our emphasis for seed collecting and propagation is on species that are high value for human food and medicine, pollinators and wildlife habitat


Wildlife Monitoring

From direct observation to wildlife cameras, professional breeding bird surveys to community science monitoring, we are stitching together the interconnected picture of living beings at and near Vesper Meadow.


Water Quality

We are documenting water health by assessing the macroinvertebrates that live in the creek. Creek and wetland health are monitored for flow, temperature, and stream bank structure. We invite you to participate in seasonal events such as riparian photo-monitoring.


Rare and Imperiled Species

To ultimately protect the most threatened creatures that live here, we are monitoring the populations and behavior of species like the Mardon Skipper and Oregon Vesper Sparrow.