Science and Monitoring


Community science brings the expertise of the public and scientists together in a reciprocal relationship for more widespread understanding of the natural world. These community-driven investigations engage the public in hands-on educational experiences and contribute large bodies of information to the benefit of conservation science.

We welcome experienced biologists, students, and all those interested to observe nature up-close. Join us for a survey: bird, butterfly, and plant phenology walks, water health, photo point monitoring, soil sampling and more. Stay engaged and see the latest species observation on the free community-science platforms:


Botanical monitoring

We aim to decrease invasive plant populations over time, and increase the diversity of native plants. Our emphasis for seed collecting and propagation is on species that are high value for human food and medicine, pollinators and wildlife habitat


Wildlife Monitoring

From direct observation to wildlife cameras, professional breeding bird surveys to community science monitoring, we are stitching together the interconnected picture of living beings at and near Vesper Meadow.


Water Quality

We are documenting water health by assessing the macroinvertebrates that live in the creek. Creek and wetland health are monitored for flow, temperature, and stream bank structure. We invite you to participate in seasonal events such as riparian photo-monitoring.


Rare and Imperiled Species

To ultimately protect the most threatened creatures that live here, we are monitoring the populations and behavior of species like the Mardon Skipper and Oregon Vesper Sparrow.

Stewardship and Restoration

Whether you have life-long career in land management, or a new-found curiosity for nature, Vesper Meadow has a place for you. Our projects are diverse in scope, and often accomplished in team work parties.

There is no better time than now for humans to give back to the lands that we live on, that sustain our health and provide vital water resources. Get involved as a land steward and create positive change for the benefit of all.


Get outside and Volunteer

A great way to network with comrades and engage in civic betterment. Enjoy the open skies, get a little muddy, and support the development of this community resource.


Seasonal Stewardship events and workshops

Hands-on learning opportunities with practical applications and skill development. From land managers to students to those wanting to bring back green-living ideas for their own home, we have a wide array of opportunities.


Restoration Efforts at Vesper Meadow

We’re connecting the public with a broad network of engineers, restoration ecologists, land managers, conservation biologists, and other experts for planning and implementing efforts to support a resilient habitat for wildlife.

Inspired Art


When nature becomes our muse, we exercise humanity with care and creativity. Both the study of nature, and the artistic process provide therapy to the individual and together can spur great social change.

Infused with innovation and mentorship, our programs build deep connection with nature and each other. We invite artists to partner with us in varying capacities, and offer creative learning experiences for diverse audiences.


Nature Study through Art

Whether studying the form of a found object, or the changing colors of the landscape, nature study with art fully engages the mind and body. Our classes and workshops train students for keen observation and encourage cultivation of personal creativity and training.


Original Crafts

Using natural materials engages the whole-self for elegant creativity and deep cultural connections. Through educational programming we offer “hand to hand” instruction that follows the seasons with traditional skills of rural living.



We value artists as agents of social change, leaders in creativity, and enhancers of our aesthetic experience. Diverse art disciplines are welcome to join in partnership for mutual inspiration, ideas, and promotion.

Wild food and native plant cultivation


Experience the intersections of art and science, the joys of wild tending and harvest. We honor cultural knowledge passed down for generations, and incorporate new ideas to grow and thrive in a modern era.

In an effort to decolonize the modern relationship with nature, our ecological restoration efforts extend beyond modern science. We are restoring the human element by inclusion of traditional practices that contribute to a healthy ecosystem.


First Foods and Native Plant Projects

We are honoring cultural knowledge supporting indigenous-lead efforts to teach and reconnect at Vesper Meadow. Through collaboration with herbalism groups, local tribal educators and experts, we continue to expand the culture of first foods stewardship.


Wild Cultivation and Foraging Workshops

We offer opportunities to learn and participate in foraging, sustainable harvest techniques, cooking preparation and storage, and “closing the loop” through wild cultivation practices.

Education and Mentorship Programs

Whether our learning place is in the classroom, around town, or the open space of Vesper Meadow, we create joyful experiences with practical applications. Our integrated programs engage a diversity of learning styles, and are infused with elements of stewardship, science, and art.

We enhance educational experiences with hands-on activities, connecting with inter-generational mentors, and providing ways to take action on local environmental issues. From small group classes to K-12 field trips, we provide a wide array of educational opportunities for the public.


College Student and Career Development Opportunities

We provide opportunities for mentorship and working internships in biology, conservation science, restoration, education, and program management. Interested to learn more? Send us a letter of interest:


Classroom Visits and Field Trips

We cultivate students’ enthusiasm for the natural world while expanding their knowledge and skills in the areas of science and literacy. All programs weave interactive explorations, inquiry-based experiments, scientific instruments and specimens, and artistic elements into the learning process.


All-Age Public Programs

We empower community members from diverse backgrounds to explore and share in the joys of learning at our outside classroom. Our programs are affordable, accessible, and a whole lot of fun!

Help monitor birds in spring and flower blooms in summer, support stewardship activities and experience the fall harvest - our course offerings are diverse and there is always something new.

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