Stewardship and Restoration

Whether you have life-long career in land management, or a new-found curiosity for nature, Vesper Meadow has a place for you. Our projects are diverse in scope, and often accomplished in team work parties.

There is no better time than now for humans to give back to the lands that we live on, that sustain our health and provide vital water resources. Get involved as a land steward and create positive change for the benefit of all.


Get outside and Volunteer

A great way to network with comrades and engage in civic betterment. Enjoy the open skies, get a little muddy, and support the development of this community resource.


Seasonal Stewardship events and workshops

Hands-on learning opportunities with practical applications and skill development. From land managers to students to those wanting to bring back green-living ideas for their own home, we have a wide array of opportunities.


Restoration Efforts at Vesper Meadow

We’re connecting the public with a broad network of engineers, restoration ecologists, land managers, conservation biologists, and other experts for planning and implementing efforts to support a resilient habitat for wildlife.