Inspiring a culture of land stewardship and nature connection.

We are strengthening local networks through community engagement in science, restoration, wild food cultivation, and nature-inspired art.


Community powered * Ecological restoration * Inspired Art *

*Scientific study and monitoring * Wild Foods * Nature Connection

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Our Mission

Vesper Meadow is a place-based restoration project, as well as the outpost for community science and art programs.

We are building a culture of land stewardship and strengthening community connections through citizen science, wildcrafting, and nature-inspired art.

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Our Programs


With the vital support of our donors, Vesper Meadow Education Program creates joyful and hands-on learning experiences for diverse community members. All our programs encourage participants to explore, examine, hypothesize, and express themselves through vibrant classes and programs. We act to ignite inspiration and knowledge to build a stronger stewardship community in our region.

Stewardship & Restoration

Our projects are diverse in scope, and often accomplished in team work parties. Get involved as a land steward, learn new skills, and join the community effort.

Education Programs

To promote deep learning, we create powerful experiences with meaningful activities, inter-generational mentors, and ways to take action on local issues.

Wild Food Cultivation

Experience the joys of wild tending and harvest. Our most fundamental connection to the earth, food, can bring people together to learn ancient ways for a sustainable future.

Inspired Art

Infused with creativity, innovation and mentorship, our programs build deep connection with nature and each other.

Community Science and Long-term Monitoring

Everyone is welcome to learn how to use science as a tool for understanding and creating a healthier environment. Tracking ecosystem changes over time is important to build community skills and useful scientific knowledge. We’re in it for the end game.

Upcoming events


Our Impact

With 2019 being our inaugural year, we are excited to share the progress we have already made. We hope you will get involved and support the launch of our developing restoration, monitoring, and education programs.



Volunteer hours spent in 2018

Between July - December 2018 we have been busy engaging volunteers to develop biological inventories, research restoration planning, and jump-start our education programs. Thank you volunteers!



species documented by biologists

To understand the current state of ecological function at Vesper Meadow, we have been taking an inventory of plant, bird, insect, and mammal species.

Initial biological and archaeological surveys at Vesper Meadow have yielded a wealth of information thus far. We are excited to continue collecting baseline information this coming year and share it with visitors, volunteers, and on our blog over time.



People to engage in 2019

We are looking forward to 2019 education workshops, volunteer events, K-12 programs, and other plans to work with our community. Learn how you can be a part of making this goal a success this year.


Our Partners  

A diverse community

Vesper Meadow is a crossroads for science, restoration, art, and community building. Our work is successful with the support, knowledge, and expertise of the broader local network. Partnership with artists, local businesses, institutions, scientists, and students is what makes Vesper Meadow a thriving hub. We have deep gratitude for everyone we work with.


Our team

Our community is enriched by the partnerships that support our science, art, and education programs - as well as the volunteers that mentor, conduct research, and put sweat equity toward our vision of stewardship and nature connection.


Get Involved

Vesper Meadow is a place for people!

We welcome your knowledge, skills, and desires to learn and connect with the landscape. Opportunities range from conducting field research and contributing data to our community science projects, helping at community events, or getting dirty at volunteer workdays. If you have a passion for land management, science or sharing knowledge of the natural world with the public, we’d love to work with you!

If you don’t have time right now and would like to support, please consider a donation to make our education programs available to those who don’t have the means.


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Check out a diverse offering of hands-on learning with practicing biological observation and field skills, wildcrafting and agroforestry, and inspired art and story telling:

Volunteer opportunities


From our creek and meadow restoration efforts, mentorship programs, and inspired art, Vesper Meadow is powered by volunteers. Check out the opportunities:

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Thank you for donating today and supporting our education programs. Your support helps to build the culture of stewardship and lasting connections with nature. All donations are tax exempt.


Stay tuned for our discoveries, events, and more information on our Community Blog, Facebook, Instagram, and in the news:

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