Inspired Art


When nature becomes our muse, we exercise humanity with care and creativity. Both the study of nature, and the artistic process provide therapy to the individual and together can spur great social change.

Infused with innovation and mentorship, our programs build deep connection with nature and each other. We invite artists to partner with us in varying capacities, and offer creative learning experiences for diverse audiences.


Nature Study through Art

Whether studying the form of a found object, or the changing colors of the landscape, nature study with art fully engages the mind and body. Our classes and workshops train students for keen observation and encourage cultivation of personal creativity and training.


Original Crafts

Using natural materials engages the whole-self for elegant creativity and deep cultural connections. Through educational programming we offer “hand to hand” instruction that follows the seasons with traditional skills of rural living.



We value artists as agents of social change, leaders in creativity, and enhancers of our aesthetic experience. Diverse art disciplines are welcome to join in partnership for mutual inspiration, ideas, and promotion.