An artists’ show and tell: inspired by Vesper Meadow

This summer is sailing by. Visitors have come and gone, yet those who created expressions of their time at the Vesper Meadow Restoration Preserve, have left marks of beauty available for all to witness.

Here is some of the recent art from Vesper Meadow, early summer 2019 (hover over photo for artist info):

From the Vesper Meadow walk and writing workshop:

"The natural life within this land is rising up to meet the new attention that has returned after many decades. The praise of the humans and the curiosity of the humans as they find their natural order within this meadow has called forth earth energy from deep within. ENLIVENED

Conversations have started, once again. The wild is called to return to the spaciousness with the absence of grazing cattle. All come to shade themselves, drink from the creek, jump from one blade of grass to another, mate, hunt for nutrition , dance in the breezes and inhabit.

Rejoicing all the while. A rebirth of chorus, of symphonies expressed by the wind, the clouds, the grass, the leaves, the humans, the insects, the rocks, the soil, the elk, the coyote

creating Harmony. Restoring the natural order of things."

- H. Hubbard

Want to make art at Vesper Meadow?

Stay tuned for some late summer and autumn workshops, or be in touch with if you would like to become an Artist-in-Partnership!