Community power, all the way.

This is our inaugural year, and we couldn’t be happier. Our programs are off to a great start in the first half of 2019! We need your support to continue community education programs. Any amount you can give, will get us a little closer to our $10,000 goal by June 21st.

Make this summer solstice our lightest day of the year!

Your donation goes a long way with this new and celebrated program. With a small team, community support, and extreme determination, we get a lot done!

In the last two months, since the snows have melted from Vesper Meadow, we have been busier than the bees! Here’s a short list of what we have been up to:

- volunteers planted 400+ stakes of willow, fixed over a dozen broken fence sites
- held 5 public biodiversity walks
- hosted over 150 youth for outdoor education experiences
- establishing long term monitoring surveys for meadow plants, butterflies
- working with Klamath Bird Observatory for Vesper Sparrow monitoring twice weekly
- installing a greenhouse for native plant starts
- honeybees and boxes brought to Vesper Meadow by Easy Bees Co
- hand-built structures and trail for Vesper Meadow visitors. 
- hosted Southern Oregon University Restoration Ecology students
Hawthorn Institute established their 1 acre Camas Monitoring Plot to measure camas lily growth and begin management planning to increase this native food plant

How do we do it?! By creating joy in the work and teaming up with terrific people. Building the Vesper Meadow Education Program starts with some simple tenants that are applicable in many realms of life:

Vesper Meadow Steps to Community Program Success

  1. Carefully observe your surroundings We have been inventorying the geology, wildlife, plants, water flow, and human history of this land.

  2. Follow your curiosity and learn as much as you can We have been talking to experts, and setting up scientific monitoring protocols that can be utilized by people of all different skill levels

  3. Share your excitement with others Through art, photography, social media, and lots of direct program experience for Vesper Meadow visitors, we have been telling our story, sharing what we are learning, and inviting others to get jazzed about the project too!

  4. Bring people together for the collective benefit of diverse skills and experiences Volunteer days, restoration planning, educational programming, artist days, (and more!) have all been powered by collaboration various inspired individuals and other conservation groups. We can’t thank this wonderful community enough!

If you believe in our programs and approach to community building, consider gifting a tax-deductible donation to make our programs a success now and in the future:

Thanks to Mike and Amy Dickenson with Commonlink Productions, for creating this video and helping share our story.