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Go Butterflying with Linda Kappen

Ecology and identification of local butterflies at Vesper Meadow Preserve

with Linda Kappen and Jeanine Moy

Limit 15 participants

$15-$20 sliding scale per individual

Ages 12+

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The Cascade-Siskiyou region is renown for its butterfly diversity, boasting around 120 species, including many interesting species. Adjacent to the National Monument, and just a mile from Howard Prairie Reservoir, Vesper Meadow is prime lepidopteran habitat. It is known habitat for the imperiled Mardon Skipper, as well as a diversity of meadow and forest-edge species. Join us for a joyous day out in the field to learn about these fascinating pollinators and the plants that they love. No prior experience or skills necessary. Participants can expect to see at least several, and possibly a dozen species of butterflies, and many more plants and insects.  

Prepare: Wear long pants and close-toed shoes, sun protection, 

Optional and encouraged: Binoculars, hand lens, butterfly or flower guidebooks, butterfly net, clear plastic container  - we'll have extra on hand!


Linda Kappen is an avid lepidopterist, who has been studying butterflies of southern Oregon for two decades. As a youth educator in the Applegate, she has brought innovative butterfly study opportunities to her students. During the summer, she devotes much of her time to leading butterfly walks and conducting butterfly surveys throughout the state of Oregon. Linda did a couple of preliminary butterfly surveys at Vesper Meadow last summer and is excited to further explore the butterfly species here throughout the summer.

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